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Too Good To Be True?
Unsure how long he is going to keep his home, this homeowner is searching for affordable replacements of two bay windows. After recieving a very low quote from Lowes, this homewoner is wondering if the quoted installation should be higher. Our professional installers give their opinion about whether or not this deal is too good to be true.
Windows for Noise Abatement
This Northern Virginia homeowner is starting bothered by noisy twenty four year-old windows, which means its time for new replacemnt windows. After being quoted for Marvin Ultimate, Anderson, Alside and Okna windows - it's becoming apparent that many vendors are not very forthcoming with STC and OITC information. Which of these brands do our pros recommend for blocking out the interstate noise?
Best Bow Windows?
This homeowner is looking to replace their Northern Maryland bow windows with new casement windows. Good ratings and rigid sturdy construction is important, as well as lasting quality. Do our pros reccomend a great brand that makes a 5-lite bow window?

Review the Basics

glassSound Performance
Will triple pane windows improve sound perfromance over dual pane windows? Are there other factors at play, like airspace and glass thickness? Our expert Oberon talks about all the factors that impact sound perfromance, and how to get make sure your home is quieter with new windows.
Okna 800 Series
Rating 5
" This window has incredible air leakage ratings with a .02. Most people don't about air leakage, it's all about U-factor but most windows lose more energy from leaks than through the glass. Great Window!" -Jared Ray, VA

"11 DH, double pane - all the same size. Natural wood laminate option on the inside is beautiful, very realistic." -oldranch, IL

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Simonton 6500 Platinum Prism Series
Rating 4
"They are the best window on the market at the best price for a comparable product." -Pat, IA

"I never heard of Simonton until I check into comsumer report. There rated very good. Now that I got them I totally understand. So easy to clean, open/close. In fact, I feel much warmer in my house" -Outreach, CA

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