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Thermal Industries Legance vs. Sunrise Essentials
Looking to replace two sliding patio doors, this homeowner is having a hard time deciding between two window manufacturers, Thermal Industries quoted $2050 installed and Sunrise Essentials quote $2150. While the Sunrise door is quoted at a higher price, many have recommended to stay away from their line of doors. Is there a better option out there? Check out this post for great insight from our pros.
Polystyrene Foam Efficiency
A homeowner had several window companies come show off their products and provide quotes. After looking at the corner cutouts, one company's window had their chambers filled with polystyrene foam inserts instead of spray foam. This meant there were little gaps of air in the chambers. Is this a cause for concern? Will insulation suffer from these small gaps? Our pros give their insight here!
Sunrise P2210 or Soft-Lite Imperial LS?
A Southern Central Pennsylvania homeowner is ready for new windows and has some questions about which window is best for the cold PA winters. Is a lower SHGC rating better or is a higher one good for letting more sunlight in during the winter? While Sunrise has a great SHGC rating, their CR rating causes some concern. Our pros take a look and give this homeowner some expert advice.

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glassWooden Windows
It's no secret that Wooden Windows are some of the most attractive replacement windows, and can add a new level of aesthetic value to your home. But are they practical and reliable? Take a look at our informative page on Wooden Replacement Windows and see if they could be a good fit for your home!
American Craftsman 9500
Rating 4
" The air infiltration through the sash is amazing even with putting film on the windows in the winter" -Window Shopper, NE

"Easy installation, high quality, quick shipping, very reasonable, it is sooooo good to know that every manufacturing plant and assembly is right here in the good ol' USofA!!!! Very pleased!!!!!!" -Patti, NY

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Wellington Vinyl Clad
Rating 2.5
"Our new windows are beautiful and well crafted and for the first time in the twenty plus years we have lived in our home we can have the windows open and let the sunshine in." -Jill, MN

"We put Wellington Windows in our home in 2008. Since then one has cracked, several had to be adjusted because they would not stay up or lock, one was foggy and now another has to be replaced because of the fog." -Marcie, WI

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