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Provia Windows
While it seems to be common knowledge that Provia makes an excellent quality door, but what about their vinyl windows? Some of our pros chime in about their experience with the quality of Provia vinyl windows. Are they a quality brand? Will they stand up against the other premium window brands?
Okna 500DX
This New Hampshire homeowner was quoted $22,900 for a 20-window installation of Okna 500 DX windows. While this seems quite high, this installation is completely comprehensive, including new trim and all. After the high quote, Pella windows were quoted for a few thousand dollars less, but is the quality going to be the same? Do our pros think Okna is going to be the better choice?
New Construction vs Replacement Window
An installer is urging this New Jersey homeowner to consider new installation windows instead of just replacing them, since the house is also getting new siding. While it sounds like a good idea, it also means the cost of the installation is going to be much higher than initially expected. Is the installer right, or should the homeowner continue with a regular window replacement? Our pros give their advice.

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superspacerSuper Spacers and Warm Edge Technology
Do you know what kind of material is being used on your window spacer? Do you know that it can make a huge difference in your energy bills and the comfort of your home? Take a look at our informative page on window spacers and warm edge technology before you start your replacement window hunt!
Farley Windows
Rating 2
" i replaced all windows in my house with farley.i have a broken frame and windows leaking. " -Brian

"After a recent purchase and installation of replacement Farley Windows, I have seen that they allow water to leak into the house. " -Window Watcher

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Castle Windows
Rating 3
"Castle makes a great window with an UNLIMITED warranty. Very satisfied with their product and install." -Michael, MD

"Windows are extremely poor quality. Glass in a large bay window was damaged. Screen was the wrong size in another window. Three of 5 windows needed repair within months of installation. " -Window Shopper

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